End-to-end business process automation

The service supports every stakeholder: BIM managers, EPCM contractors, procurement specialists, contractors, subcontractors, and even architects. It also validates models before the RFP generation.

Find a contractor 20x faster!

In the past, it took at least 1 week for the EPCM contractor to make an RFP. BIM Tender has reduced this period to 2 hours. You can select the contractor in just 3 days!

You pay for performance

You pay only for FRPs you use. No need to buy the software, or to subscribe for a limited period and a limited number of users. The architects can validate models without spending any money. Pay for performance!

We have created a service to transform your business

We save your time and money

Make RFPs, send them to your contractors, and choose the winner. No more worries about data integrity: all the data are entered online.

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All-in-one environment

No more Excel sheets. All the stakeholders work in a unified environment. The BIM manager imports models form a BIM 360 account and creates consolidated models. The user just chooses the construction project.


Filters and groups

The filters and multiple criteria grouping feature significantly (~20x) accelerates the RFP structure generation and subsequent analysis of proposals.


Intuitive UI

Keep your familiar processes. Right-click for the context menu, drag and drop items and folders, use the context-based search within models, the RFP structure, or properties.


Proposal analysis

Compare and analyze the contractor proposals with the evaluation table. Analyze the proposals by groups and subgroups. The lowest and highest prices are highlighted in blue and red.


Event logging

Automated tender event logging (submission, rejection, verification, etc.): a timestamp, an event description, and the username are recorded. User accounts. The number of issued RFPs is logged.


Model validation by architects

You can send a model to the architect for validation before making an RFP. The service not only checks if all the required information is provided but also offers visual validation of the model element sizes.

BIM Tender Key Features

Watch the video to learn more

Check out the key capabilities

This video shows the end-to-end business process. You will learn how to use the filters and the grouping feature, to build the RFP tree, to submit items downstream, to fill out RFPs as if you were a contractor, to compare prices and choose the winner.

24/7 support, continuous improvement policy

We think about you, and give your business a competitive edge!

We are a team of professionals.

Feel confident: we will take your business way ahead of your competitors. We continuously improve our solutions and develop new software products. Soon we will release a brand new system for long tenders support, equipment pricing system, a model validation service, and many others.


  • 1 to 99 RFPs


per one RFP


  • 100 to 299 RFPs


per one RFP


  • Over 300 RFPs


per one RFP
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