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When you’re looking for the best planers with helical cutterheads, it’s important to locate one that suits your needs. To support with this process we analyzed some popular products on Amazon and extra online retailers next factors such as ease-of use; durability (including weight capacity); how much song is easily reached in a home – all things considered in the ventilate of deciding which product will work well based off each individual’s unique situation!

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Byrd Tool SHELIX Cutterhead OEM Size for Dewalt DW735 Planer + Push Stick
  • INCLUDES the Byrd OEM Cutterhead AND Big Horn magetic push stick.
  • The OEM cutterhead has a staggered, spiral carbide insert configuration provides a shear, rather than straight cut for a smoother finish and quieter operation.
  • Helical insert knife configuration breaks up chips, making dust collection easier.
  • The included push stick has an ergonomic and comfortable handle, ideal for use with all jointers and table saws
  • Guides wood while sawing and cutting; keeps you safe, thanks to unique design. Push stick color will vary.
JET JWP-15BHH, 15-Inch Planer, Helical Cutterhead, 3HP, 1Ph 230V (722155)
  • CONTROL AND SUPPORT: Heavy-duty precision-ground cast iron table and four-post design.
  • SUPERIOR FINISH: Helical cutterhead houses 48 staggered carbide knives engineered to align themselves without any adjustment.
  • EFFICIENCY: Dual infeed speed control for 16 or 20 FPM, maximizes cut efficiency.
  • CLEANLINESS: 4" dust port hooks up to a dust management system, and helps keep your shop clean.
  • SAFETY: Magnetic switch with green safety light illuminates when powered.
[ELEPHAS] Woodworking Tool Spiral Cutter head and Helical cutterhead for Dewalt planer Original DW735-OEM
  • This cutterhead is the original size. You will need to remove inserts from the cutterhead before installing on the machine. The two bearings 6204+6202 are already installed on the cutterhead.
  • Reduced noise and tear-out, produce much smoother finish on difficult woods.
  • The patented indexable 4 cutting-edge double-layer insert and screw make it much easier to mount the knives on the cutterhead.
  • The indexable inserts allows you to rotate it if one knife edge is dull or nicked.
  • Including tool kit: 5 spare inserts/ 10 spare screws/ two T wrenches
Upgraded Helical Cutterhead for 13" DeWalt Planer DW735 DW735X Planer
  • UPGRADED CUTTERHEAD-The TJATSE 13" Helical Cutterhead is designed to replace the straight knife cutterhead on the DeWalt DW735 and DW735X Planers. Takes the performance of your Dewalt planer to the next level and cuts smoothly through your wood planing projects with ease.
  • CUT IMPROVEMENT-Helical cutter head features smaller which contact the wood and an angle shearing the fibers rather than tearing at them, the cutting performance is excellent and the slight bit of snipe that was getting with the straight knives is completely gone, the wood surface would be so much smoother.
  • AMAZING NOISE REDUCTION-The biggest difference of helical cutterhead is the noise reduction, the section cutting process makes the wood chips very fine, then the chip removal is easier. Energy saving and power saving, while reducing tear out more effectively than conventional straight-knife cutterheads.
  • LONG-TERM COST SAVING-56 Indexable carbide inserts included to produce a superior finish. Indexable carbide inserts are less prone to nicks and cracks over conventional HSS knives and 10 times longer than. If an insert dulls or gets nicked, simply rotate it to expose a new sharp edge or easily replaced, No need to take out all the blades, reduces shop down-time and cost saving.
  • BRAND QUALITY WARRANTY-Package included 1 x 13” helical cutterhead; 56 x carbide inserts; 56 x screws, 1x screw driver, one-year warranty which assures the unit is free from factory defects. The TJATSE Customer Service and Technical Support Teams are all days online for help.
FOXBC 14.3mm Carbide inserts Cutter Knives 2 Cutting Edges for Cutech Spiral Helical Cutterhead Planer Blades for Rikon 25-130H,20-600H, 25-131H, Craftex CX125HC CX08BTHC and King Canada KC-13HPC - 10 Pack
  • 14.3mm Carbide inserts Cutter kit Knives 2 Cutting Edges
  • Standard Size-14.3mm(length)X14.3mm(width)X2.0mm(thickness) square straight with 2 edges,50 degree cutting angle
  • Most Convenient-If one knife edge is dull or nicked, just turn it to another edge which greatly reduces you down time.and all are of the same sharpness. Easy to operate,each blade has 2 sharp edges,if one is dull, just change it to the other side, Carbide cutter Corners are very sharp with virtually no radius Best choice for turning straight profiles and nearly 90° inside corners
  • Replacement for Rikon 25-130H,20-600H, 25-131H, King KC-13HPC, Craftex CX Series CX125HC CX08BTHC , Cutech Spiral Cutterhead Planer
  • for Cutech Tool Planer Jointer 40700H-CT 4700HC-CT 40100H-CT 40600H-80100-CT 40200H-CT 40600HC-80100-CT 40200HC-CT Head
Indexable Carbide Insert Knife 14.3x14.3x2.0mm-50° 2-Edge Replacement Cutter for Cutech Tool Rikon Carbatec and Most Planer Jointer Helical Cutterheads, 10 Packs
  • Standard Cutter Size: 14.3mm square with straight corners 2mm thick,2 indexable cutting edges, 50 degree cutting bevel. Inserts are used on planers/jointers with helical cutterheads.
  • Made of Premium K10 grade solid tungsten carbide, double life-time than general carbide cutters, and had been increased 30% hardness by our high temperature quenching.
  • Each cutter has 2 indexable sharp edges, if one is dull, no more sharpening, just turn to another edge which greatly reduces you down time. The right geometry or cutting angle is ground to the produce an edge the cuts cleanly and safely.
  • The inserts had been high precision polished, which increased the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of the cutter, combined with optimal grinding process to produce the flattest and truest cutting surfaces.
  • What You Get: Pack of 10 14.3 x 14.3 x 2mm square straight replacement carbide cutters, 10 pcs of professional M6 screws, our worry-free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service. TJATSE committed to give Best Selection for your woodworking job.
ELEPHAS - 6" Woodworking Tool Spiral Cutter head and Helical cutterhead for jointer, 4 rows 20 inserts
  • [Our Feature and Patent]: The indexable 4 cutting-edge double-layer insert on spiral cutter head have received the Patent of United States.The improved design helps users to install the carbide inserts correctly onto the insert seats.It is safer for the user and the machine by preventing the cutter from breaking inside the thickness planer.
  • [Durable Materials]: Our products are made of Tungstern Carbide and other materials which not only reduce noise and tear-out but also produce much smoother finish on difficult woods.
  • [Save Money]: Indexable inserts; If one knife edge is dull or nicked, simply rotate to another edge. You'll only need to replace one insert when all 4 sides are out of use.
  • [Excellent quality]: We are dedicated to provide our customers with better experience and durable use on woodworking tools. With strict and high quality control, you can choose our products with confidence.
  • [Including tool kit]: Two bearings: 6202+6203/ 5 spare inserts/ 10 spare screws/ two T wrenches.Detailed dimensions are attached to the product photos. If you have any questions, please provide the brand and model..
Byrd Tool Shelix cutterhead for Dewalt planer DW735
  • Cutterhead diameter is 0. 088" (roughly 1/16 in) smaller than the original OEM head to allow for installation without removing the carbide insertsC3 carbide cutters lasts an average of 10 times longer per side (4 sides = 40x) than traditional steel knives. Spiraled to break up chips for dust collection, shear to give clean cutting actionTrue helical cut (slices the wood) which greatly reduces noise and tearoutPocket for cutters makes replacing them easy and creates perfect alignment
15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm -30 Degree Carbide Cutter Insert for Wood Lathe Turning, Woodworking Spiral Helical Planer Cutterheads - Box of 10
  • 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm -30 Degree Carbide Cutter Insert for Jointers Cutterheads - Box of 10
  • Insert and cutterhead design greatly reduce tearout.
  • Made of solid tungsten carbide, sharp and durable, Specifically manufactured for hardwoods & MDF
  • Excellent replacement carbide insert cutter specially Fits Byrd Journal Helical head
  • 10 pieces per box,packed with a plastic container for safe and easy storage . If one knife edge is dull or nicked,just turn it to another edge which greatly reduces you down time
Shop Fox W1863 15" Planer with Helical Cutterhead
  • Motor: 3 HP, 240V, 15A, single-phase
  • Max. Cutting width: 15"
  • Max. Cutting height: 6"
  • Min. Stock thickness: 1/8"
  • Min. Stock length: 6"

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