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When you’re looking for the best polyester tennis strings available upon today’s market, our team is regularly updating it with supplementary models that might engagement you. All products are fixed by expert reviewers and tested in conditions catered towards your needs as capably so we can find the money for only what matters most: top character images no thing how big or small they may be

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Here are our top 10 picks for the best polyester tennis strings. If you have something specific in mind or just need put going on to choosing together with styles, read on!

Top 10 List of Best polyester tennis strings is firm below

When you’re looking for the best polyester tennis strings, it’s important to find one that suits your needs. To back up with this process we analyzed some popular products upon Amazon and new online retailers bearing in mind factors such as ease-of use; durability (including weight capacity); how much circulate is reachable in a home – all things considered next deciding which product will work capably based off each individual’s unique situation!

We’ve consulted the top experts who have deep knowledge of the polyester tennis strings. We chose a character product that has unique features you’ve never heard of before, and filtered beyond 100+ products in order to have the funds for this list its authenticity!

Tourna Premium Poly 16g Reel Tennis String
  • Tourna Premium Poly is designed for heavy topspin play
  • Constructed for excellent durability and control
  • Allows you to take huge swings at the ball and deliver huge spin and power
  • Made in Germany with advanced polyester materials
  • 660 Foot Reel. 16g is 1.30mm
Solinco Heaven Strings Hyper-G Tennis String Set-17g/1.20mm
  • Massive Spin from a square shaped co-poly
  • Crisp and medium firm
  • Permits hard hits with no loss of control
  • Ball Explods off strings with high spin
Luxilon ALU Power Vibe Tennis String, Polyester, 17, Diameter: 1.25 mm, White, 12.2 m
  • High-quality tennis string Luxilon ALU Power Vibe for stringing tennis rackets, For an exceptionally comfortable playing sensation
  • Innovative material blend with excellent damping, Reduction of vibrations by 17% compared to non-damped strings
  • Blend of the LXN Legacy Dampener material with the legendary ALU Power 125 string for a softer feel and reduced vibration at ball contact
  • Reduced vibrations over the entire string bed instead of only in the peripheral area near the vibration dampers as with conventional products
  • Contents: 1x Luxilon Tennis String, ALU Power Vibe, Length: 12.2 m, Diameter: 1.25 mm, Gauge: 17, Material: Polyester, Colour: White
RPM Blast Black 16g Strings
  • Extruded monofilament with an octogonal profile
  • String type: monofilament
  • Gauge: 16 (1.30 mm)
  • Length: 40 feet
  • Color : Black
Luxilion ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String Set (16L Gauge, 1.25 mm)
  • 16-gauge racquet string for improving feel and ball control
  • Made of sturdy, resilient co-polymer fluorocarbon resin fibers
  • Provides excellent touch and finesse without compromising power
  • Used by more than 50 percent of the ATP's top 100 pros
  • Aluminum fibers added
Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 16g Reel Maximum Spin Polyester Tennis String
  • Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough is a soft, yet powerful co-poly tennis string, that delivers maximum spin and power
  • Made with 5 sharp edges and then twisted to really grab the ball and impart massive spin
  • Blue Rough playtests ranked it top 5 for spin out of all the strings ever tested per the Racquet Sports Industry playtests. Also ranked #2 as the Best Poly Overall.
  • German engineered and made with the latest most advanced polyester blends so the string is soft for a poly, yet crisp and durable.
  • Meant for intermediate to advanced players with long fast strokes, looking to level up their game.
Tier One Ghost Wire Soft co-Polyester Tennis String (Set - White, 17 Gauge (1.22 mm) - 12,2 m Set)
  • ONE OF THE SOFTEST CO-POLYESTER STRINGS ON THE MARKET (USRSA lab test)! Ghost Wire is designed for players who seek the benefits of a co-polyester string but at the same time look for an elevated soft, arm-friendly playing response. Its new-generation polyester compound ensures players of all levels ultimate durability, high tension stability and precise directional and depth control. Its round, slick surface makes it a superb choice for hybrid string setups!
  • KEY FEATURES: Super soft & arm-friendly, maximum durability with superb tension stability.
  • RECOMMENDED PLAYING LEVEL: All Playing levels (beginner - pro).
  • GAUGES: 16g (1.27mm). 17g (1.22mm), 18g (1.17mm).
  • LENGTHS: Sets: 12.2mm/40ft, Reels: 200m/656ft, COLORS: White.
Golden Set Tennis Snake-Bite Max Spin Polyester Tennis String (Black, 17 Gauge Reel (660ft/200m))
  • CONSTRUCTION: Co-polyester mono-filament with a twisted heptagonal cross-section.
  • GAUGE: 17 (1.25mm)
  • COLOR: Black
  • LENGTH: (660ft/200m)
Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String 200m 1.25mm
  • Extruded monofilament with an octogonal profile
  • String type: monofilament
  • Gauge: 17 (1.25 mm)
  • Length: 660 feet
  • Color : Black
Kirschbaum Reel Super Smash Orange Tennis String, 1.23mm/17-Gauge, Orange
  • Package length: 3.4 cm
  • Package width: 21.8 cm
  • Package height: 23.4 cm
  • Product Type: SPORTING GOODS

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